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The Ark Singers

Kovcheg (meaning "ark"), a missionary music group from the Ukraine, proclaims God's Word through music and preaching with the goal of demonstrating His love and leading people to faith in Him.  We invite you to become acquainted with Kocheg and partner with them in their community service and mission work.  In English speaking countries Kovcheg is commonly known as The Ark Singers.

They are from Donezk, a mega city in the Ukraine.  They make their spiritual home in various congregations withing the city where they receive strength and support for their mission.  Their missionary lifestyle has motivated many in their fellowships as well.  It has not always been easy for the families to be separated from their husbands and fathers for months at a time, yet Kovcheg has their families' blessings and support as they travel and their prayers that God will protect their men and use them to be a blessing to many.

Kovcheg's original members have full confidence that their foundation and existence is firmly anchored in the will of God.  For over 20 years, neither ridicule, discrimination nor ongoing economic  challenges have discouraged them, but rather they continue to persevere and grow in their faith.

By Faith they have left their careers to pursue God's call on their lives and rejoice as many have responded to the gospel message and have believed in Jesus Christ.