Building Fund Has Been Set Up

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Ark Singers have been in the United States. While they were with us, we learned more about the situation in Ukraine.  These men along with their families have suffered much loss.  All are safe, but they have been uprooted from their homes and communities where they lived and served God.  Those of you who have attended their concert and presentation saw the destruction in their home of Donetsk. Two men’s homes were destroyed.  Another left his home and has taken his family to western Ukraine with no hope of selling his property.  Since Russia controls Donetsk he won’t return.  The lives of all the Ark Singers and their families have been disrupted.  These men are full time missionaries and remain faithful in their ministries.

At this point, we fully realize that we must help them to get relocated and find homes for their families.  We are asking you to partner with us at this time of need. This will be a massive job but we know nothing is impossible with God.

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November 11, 2015 Update

Greetings Lovers and Supporters of Ark Singers Ministries,
Many of you have called about the war in eastern Ukraine.  Over the last year we have tried to update as we could  The work continues and all the orphans needs are being met.  It is your hope that this latest information from Anatoliy  will encourage you to pray and continue your support for these courageous Brothers and Sisters.
God Bless
Ron Coward
Slavic Missionary Outreach 
Update from from Christian Center in Galitsinovka

I still live in the Christian center in Galitsinovka and we will be here for thewinter. With us about forty people live here now. Every evening we have a prayer service. On Sundays for services I go to Donetsk to our Church. Sometimes I have to spent   6-8 hours to get there. (Donetsk is 40 km far from here but we have to go different roads becauseof the situation in Ukraine). Thereare very long queues on the block posts at the entrance to Donetsk. There are some changings in our Church "The House of Gospel". First thing is that about forty per cent of the members left Donetsk because of living in "hot" are as and distraction of their houses. But despite this number of people in the church at all the services has not decreased. New people are coming. We now feed hungry people on Tuesdays and Fridays, of course telling all about Christ, invite to Church. At charity dinners comes from 150 to 200 people. Thank God that He gives us the funds to do so from a variety of sources. Pray for this Ministry.
Some Changes in Personnel

Another news that pastor Vladimir left the service and moved to another place of residence in Ukraine. He will be a pastor of a village church there. Recently we have chosen two more pastors and one of them is Yuri. We now have three pastors. As ARK we meet every month in Galitsinovka for one week to rehearse our songs and to
do work with children. We make trips to Ukraine, to Germany. The next trip to Germany will be in November. Now of course it has become much harder to deliver care to children. Some of the children now live in Ukraine (those who emigrated), and some people live in the occupied territory in Donetsk. In Donetsk we are now able to carry only money. But, no matter of what the work is ongoing. Now all the people are in more need and assistance is of great importance. Some even live only thanks to this help. With all the children we have the contact. Pray for this ministry.
News From Donesk

When the weather was warm I with Irina stayed in Donetsk in the house of my son-in-law Anatoly. But when it became colder, we had to leave. In his house there is light, gas and water, but almost all windows are broken. It is impossible to stay there in cold time of the year. From time to time soldiers shoot at the airport. Only Sergei and Pavel live in Donetsk now. Their houses are not destroyed. Food is very expensive in Donetsk now. Roma's apartment is on the Ukrainian territory, not destroyed, but he also waits until spring. Shooting is heard there from time to time too. While he is living with his mother in Volin. Alex lives in Zaporoje and Gena is in Uzhgorod. In Zavitne village is too complicated situation. My brother stopped there service and moved to another city. There is now almost no brothers who could serve, but many people come to the service. Even some soldiers of the Ukrainian army attend the services. We (people who live in Galizinovka)of course every Sunday go there to hold service. This week we decided that one young brother who lives with us in Galizinovka, would go there once a week and carry out small group with the youth. Pray about it.
Seminary Study and Christmas Plans

Last week a group of brothers from our Church (five people) spent studying at the Seminary in Irpen Kiev region. All of our group went to learn, except for Genes and Sergey. Pray about it.

Now we start to plan Christmas services. Of course it is very difficult to plan, the only hope is on the Lord. We will try to have gifts to children in Donetsk, if it would be impossible, we will buy gifts in Donetsk. We also plan to hold a series of ministries, ministries in the nearby villages and towns, in schools. Pray about this too.
Summer Camp Update

Six intense days have already passed in the Christian Center "Hope", that is located thirty kilometers far from Donetsk in Galitsinovka. A Christian camp for children aged from eight to fourteen years has been hold here in the beginning of August.

It was a special camp for several reasons: first - the camp has been hold in the frontal zone and every night one could hear the echoes of the war. Secondly, it was very difficult to bring children from Donetsk and Makeevka. It was necessary to stand for a long time in the line of cars at the checkpoints. Thirdly, it was very difficult to plan something in advance to set dates, to know the number of children (many of them changed their opinion each night they heard or didn't hear bombing), it was hard to find a team that would carry out the camp. And the last is that we held a camp for children for the first time in this place after the reconstruction, which is not yet totally completed. We have fully prepared the main building where the kids lived. Not completely remodeled summer dining room and summer showers. Still, we prepared the food and ate in the dining room and enjoyed the new summer showers with hot and cold running water. Looking back, we can say only one thing: "Thank God."

Looking back, we can see how God has united us miraculously, to achieve His goals. A primary goal is to tell the children about God. Throughout the camp was a lot of games, competitions, quizzes, but in the end was the final service at which the children talked about what will they remember most of all, and what decisions  they made for themselves. Basically all the children told that they had decided to follow Christ, to listen to their parents, and the second, they were impressed by the food in the kitchen.
We've had more than seventy children, half of them were from unchristian families. The children were from nearby towns and villages.

Pray for them, pray for us, pray for Donbass and Ukraine. Praise God !!! He is great.

God bless You,
Anatolij Berestovoj.

Urgent Update

February 13, 2015

To all Friends and Supporters of The Ark Singers and their mission.

If you have been keeping up with the news about the fighting in Eastern Ukraine you are aware that even while peace talks are going on there is "fierce fighting".   Many continue to be killed and injured.  The brothers in Ark and their families are safe at this moment, but they have sustained great losses and are no longer in  Donetsk. Sergej was the last to leave Donetsk and is with his family. As far as we know now most of the families are together and are west of Donetsk. Anatolij and his daughter as well as Alex from Ark Singers and Alex from Jelannoe Church have had their homes in Donetsk hit by rocket fire and destroyed.The men with their helpers plan to meet once a month to minister to the Orphans. They are aware for where those who are displaced are and they are able to reach them for ministry.  The ministry to refugees is ongoing. They reach all they can with food and warm clothes.

With this short update I want to encourage you to pray for these men and all who work with them who are living and working under fire. Please pray for real peace and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to penetrate hearts in Ukraine.

In addition to your prayers I ask that you will consider a gift to help with relief efforts in this time of war. As I write this request I am very much aware that many have given faithfully to support the orphans. Many have given to the relief effort already. I ask only if you are able and If your heart is moved to give that you send to the relief effort of  the Ark Singers and their mission.

Thank you for your concern and your continued support.

In Christ,
Ron Coward
Slavic Missionary Outreach

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Camp Update

I greet you in the name of the LORD  We are all doing well, "Thank God."

Last month is very stressful. Every day except Sunday we are working on the reconstruction of the camp, which we bought. A lot of work. We plan to renovate the cold roof over the dining room and over the bath, make a canopy over the well, in some places it is necessary to put the new brick walls, and we need to change all the windows and doors.

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Update on Vlad's Surgery

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Yesterday, June 20th, I along with our officer went to Odessa and took Vlad Kushnirenko the clinic named Filatov, where he was operated on his eyes. Thank God, the operation was successful, now we will have two months Vlad luck again in Odessa to the doctor looked at him. I want to sincerely thank all those who sacrificed for the treatment of Vlad, thank you to everyone who prayed for him, and thank God that He bless us all in such good works, and is ahead of us.

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