July 2010

Family Day

The government of Donezk has been taking special care of families with many children and those who have been married for 30 years and even more for the last several years. Those families are mostly Christian. This year on the 16th of May The Family Day was held in the center of Donezk.  For this day a big stage was built in the central park of Donezk, a lot of advertising was made, many families were invited for congratulation and sharing experience of family life.  Donezk authorities held the holiday but many Christian groups were invited to take a part also. ARK SINGERS were also among them. Many pastors and representatives of religion took the floor, congratulated families with many children and “honored” families, gave them presents, told them wishes from the Bible. It was Sunday so many people were walking in the park, they stopped and listened Biblical aim for the family, Christian songs, words from the Bible. Some people came and thanked for the special holiday they saw. But the most important thing is that they heart God’s will for the family and family relation. It is greatly important nowadays for people to know what is a real family and what it should be like.

Trinity Day – The Day of celebrating 400 years of Baptism.

A joint service of all Donezk Baptist churches was held in the main cultural House of Donezk. That cultural House contains 7000 seats. First we were afraid that the hall won’t be full at the service. But 20 minutes to the beginning we understood that the hall will be full. Praise the Lord there were no empty seat at the service and more then that many people who had no place to seat just stood in the aisles.

Advertising was made in the town and on TV, a special program was prepared. Stepan Kornuta, the chief pastor of Donezk region, began the service, then ARK Singers sang several songs, joint children choir of children from different churches sang several song, joint choir of Christians from different churches also sang (350 persons). A joint orchestra(100 people) played for the choirs. A history of Baptism was told. Several congratulations were said.
At the end there was a preaching and a call for repentance.  Several tens of people came forward and repented of their sins.

A service that lasted two hours and a half seemed to be so fast. There was not enough time for all who wanted to take a part in the service. A wish to hold such meeting more often was said at the end of the service.

It was a privilege for us to sing in the main cultural house of our native town. Unfortunately we seldom have such opportunity due to our frequent trips. After the service people did not hurry to go home, they communicated for a long time. Praise the Lord for such services that are for His Glory!!!

Last trip to America

Our trip to America, which was held from June the 9th  till July the 11th , was scheduled at the beginning of the year, and was realized by the grace of God and with His blessing on schedule. Now, looking back, we all see His hand in everything. It began with one our friend from City State Calidge, Pennsylvania; he offered to make up a plan for our trip in March. We managed to buy a fairly cheap tickets: Kyiv-New York and back Seattle -New York- Kiev. That flight cost us 790 dollars for each and this was in summer period. />We drove by our van from New York to Seattle, and we had blessed service in every area. The first one was Philadelphia, then Iri, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oydaho. I would say that God cared about us everywhere in a special way. This time we managed to see Niagara Falls. We prayed and asked for God's blessing for this trip, but what we experienced was twice more than that. We moved almost every day and everywhere we were kindly greeted and cared about by brothers and sisters. This time we attended only Slavic Churches. During this trip we managed to find more than 170 sponsors for underprivileged children, as well as find the funds for summer camps. I would like everyone who will read this material share our joy and thank God for He is Great. I would like to thank all who participated in our work, may God bless you and reward you.

When we were on a trip our friends at home, headed by Alexander Berestovoy, held a  Christian camp in the village of "Jelannoe", as he wrote:

Children Christian camp in Jelannoe.

This year a Children Christian camp "Pearl" was carried out in Jelannoe village from the 5th  to the 10th  of July. The program was called - "Following the way to the Source." The Goal of the camp was: to show children the path to the source - Jesus Christ.

 Each day started at 9.00 a.m. with a prayer, flag raising and a song "This is the day that the Lord has made". After this recited the verse that they learned at Bible lesson. Every day about 36 children gathered in the camp.  They all tried to learn the verses by hard, and the reward was waiting for them then. At the last day of the camp seven children were able to quote all the verses learned during the week.

After a light breakfast an hour of music and singing was held. Children with pleasure learned and sang Christian songs, and then Bible lesson began. Each child had his own workbook, where he could follow the topic and answer questions.

After the lesson, children were engaged in sports or manufacture of various crafts. At 13.30 all children gladly ate cooked dinner. It was a small rest - "quiet time" in the afternoon , but then games began again.

At 16.00 a service began, where children answered questions on the topic of Bible lessons, sang songs, listened with great interest the continuation of a story about one boy looking for the way to the Source, and then prayed together.  There were always many ones wishing to pray aloud.

At 17.00 - a snack time. After it children went home to invite parents and neighbors to watch Christian films that were at 20.45. And, of course, the first who came were children, and behind them were adults.

Long before the beginning of camp, some parents, grandparents asked whether the camp would be held this year and asked to register their children and grandchildren.

6 days passed very quickly, children were delighted and very anxious for this time to last longer, but "everything has its time."
We are very grateful to our friends, brothers and sisters from the U.S., from Donetsk, who donated the necessary funds for the camp and who worked in the camp. We believe that this camp has left the traces in the souls of children and adults will lead them to the Source - Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Praise Him! Blessings to you all!

From July the 18th  to July the 23rd Christian camps were held in two other villages, that our church works in. That is Galitsinovka and Krasnohorovka. Everything was alike in the camp of Jelannoe.

From the 4th  to 14th of August  two large stationary camps (120-150 children) will be help.

From August the 18th  to August the 25th , the last summer camp in this year is scheduled.  The information about those camps I will send you as soon as they will be finished.

We rent place for all stationary camps for the past more than 10 years, and that costs us pretty expensive. Now we have an idea to buy an old camp, that is 38 km far from Donetsk and make it a Christian center that would be used for children summer camps during summer period  and for various events, conferences, meetings during the rest of the year Each of you can help us. The first thing that is the most important is to pray. We told you about our joys, our plans and our needs. We would like God to be in the centre of everything .  Would you pray for our joint ministry.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoliy Berestovoy