December 2010

Hello all our dear friends,

You’re so far from us but you’re always in our hearts and our frequent recollections about you are always pleasant.

By God’s mercy we keep on working to His glory, using every possible opportunity. 2010 year is drawing to a close, and we’d like you to give with us thanks to God for all His blessings. And we, in our turn, would like to thank all of you and the Lord for you being present in our lives, because without you we won’t be able to work at some projects.Thank you for your prayers, for your assiduous work, and thank you for your donations. Lets pray for the coming 2011 year as well. We don’t know what it will bring us, but we have big plans: to make a trip to the Far North in March, to visit churches of Germany in May, to organize several camps in summer, to visit brotherly churches on the west coast of the USA in September, to visit Switzerland churches in November... – so we deliver ourselves to the Lord’s will.

This autumn we had two trips to Europe. The first one were taking place since September, 10th till October, 4th. During this time we had concerts in different churches of Germany, sometimes they were held in the weather, in parks. Wherever we were, we glorified God through our songs, told about our ministry, asked to pray and to participate in our projects. Now, when the two trips are already past, we’d like to attest that we felt the presence of the Lord’s blessings everywhere.

We were making the second trip to Germany since November, 11th till December, 6th. And during this trip we drove to Switzerland for a couple of days, where we were given a very hearty welcome at the local churches. And in Bonn we had one concert specially for Russophone migrants. Before this we made a short advertising in a Russian shop, singing our songs straight in front of the counters. During these two trips we suggested making donations for children Christmas presents, and we hope that now we’ll be able to give them out. Letters on account of presents were sent to some American churches and to some private individuals. If someone has a desire and an opportunity to donate funds for buying children Christmas presents, you are welcome to transmit money for Slavic Missionary Outreach 145 NW Harmony Church Way Greenville, FL and they will be used for its intended purpose or you may simply click here and donate online securely.

Between these two trips on November, 6th in Donetsk we had a youth conference for all Christian young people from Donetsk region. There were more than 1500 people, a youth choir, comprising 300 member,was singing. Our band participated in this festival as well. Surely, this kind of ministry needs a lot of preparation, but thanks God everything passed well, Christian poems and songs, performed by different groups, sounded. At the end there was a wonderful sermon and conversions. Thanks God for all these things!

That was the last in brief. Nowadays on the threshold of Christmas we have a lot of spade-work to do. We are to prepare a Christmas staging for children, which we intend to perform in the church “The Gospel House” on January, 8th. We’ll stage it twice, while at once all children won’t find room (despite the fact that our church can seat 600 people). Christmas services are to be held in four branch churches in Krasnogorovka, Zhelannoye, Zavitneye and Galitsinovka, and in children’s homes in Donetsk and Novozhelannoye. We plan to drop two new albums: one in Russian and the second – in English, for this project we need time as well and certainly God’s blessing.

As you can see, a lot of events are planned and further we’ll try to inform you about every event. Please, pray for us and write on. Let the Lord bless you,

Anatoly Berestovoy,
Ark Singers.