Special Need at Novozhelannoe Orphanage



As many of you know we have been working with the children and staff at Novozhelannoe Orphanage for a long time.  Every Wednesday a group of workers from House of Gospel Church in Donetsk' go to the orphanage to hold Bible lessons.  In the orphanage school most of the children are from dysfunctional families.  The children are always eagerly waiting for their christian mentors to come each week.

Not long ago one of our brothers, Andrew, noticed that one of the boys who loves to draw and paint was always very much bent over his work.  The boy, Vlad, was discovered to have much difficulty seeing.  Andrew and his wife decided to have Vlad's eyes tested and buy him glasses.  Andrew's wife is a nurse in an eye clinic in Donetsk'.  Vlad was taken to the eye clinic and all test revealed that glasses would not help him.  He has no vision in one eye and only 40% vision in the other eye. At a distance of 9 feet he has no functional vision.  The doctor said he needs an operation on both eyes in order to see.  Each eye surgery will cost $1,000.00 and expenses for travel and accommodation at the hospital will be another $1,000.00.  A total of about $3,000.00 will be needed for the treatment and care.

This is certainly a large sum of money that Vlad's parents could never afford.  In addition they have never had interest in his education.  They knew about his poor eye sight but never took action.  They gave him along with his brother to the orphanage 7 years ago. Vlad's brother is very active unlike him.  Now,15 years old he is very quiet and shy.  At 18 he will be required to leave the orphanage.  Where will he go?  What will he do?  A legally blind 18 year old -- what can he expect?

At my church we have told the story, the church has prayed fervently and there were some who donated some money, but there is not enough  to do the operations.  Please all who read this article, let us unite in prayer for Vlad.  Praying can be everything, and maybe someone will want to help financially.  You can send donations to:  Slavic Missionary Outreach, 145 NW Harmony Church Way, Greenville, FL  32331.  Please specify "Operation for Vlad.  You may also contribute online by clicking the donate button below.