"... Truly I say to you, as ye have done it for one of these my brethren, you did it for me. "

These words are familiar to every convinced Christian person, about who Apostle John wrote once: "He who believeth in Me hath everlasting life." These words are incomprehensible to the people untouched by the light of the Gospel teaching. The reality of nowadays says that people who do not understand these words are much more numerous than those who understand Christ's words and try to follow them in their lives. They do it for Christ and because of Christ.

Most unchristian people looking at Christians can not understand what motivates them when they share the last things they have with the poor and needy people.People who get help, at the beginning could not understand why someone thought of them, why would anyone donate to them? The answer is simple - God loves them and expects reciprocity from them.

On the eve of the great Christian holiday - the Resurrection of Christ, we were able to spend a few charity actions for our smaller brothers of Donetsk and Lugansk region. In Lugansk region we held a service in an orphanage, after the service all the children were given a festive gift. We also had an opportunity to take part in a charity action in a landfill. There are laws, rules of the life in a landfill about which few people know something. People live there in the summer heat, in a constant stench, in the winter time - hungry and cold. These people are dressed in tatters, have dirty hands and faces, they have not seen soap and shower for a long time. They are men and women, girls and children who are in despair. One Elderly couple decided to sell their apartment in order to help their daughter to buy a small house and live all together there. But as soon as they issued documents, their daughter kicked them out in street. Now they live in a landfill and wait for the track full of garbage, and then with a rush they take this garbage to find something for themselves.

And so happens every day, at night they are looking for refuge in various places, wherever they can. They all have different fates, but they also have priceless souls. When we do good to them, they begin
search for Christians for church. Sometimes they are very shy of their social status but each of them can be found a key to. All of them appeared in a landfill against of their will. None cares of them but Jesus said that they are His smaller brethren. And helping them, we do it for Christ.
In Donetsk region we held services in two orphanages: in Novojelannoe orphanage and in Donetsk orphanage. We did not only gave out gifts to children, but all the children and stuff were congratulated with Eater, we sang several songs and told the true meaning of Easter.

It should be noted that all this we did with God's help and the assistance of many our friends who are actively involved in our projects. May God reward all of you with his mercy. Would you continue serving with us.

Anatolij Berestovoj.