Update on Vlad's Surgery

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Yesterday, June 20th, I along with our officer went to Odessa and took Vlad Kushnirenko the clinic named Filatov, where he was operated on his eyes. Thank God, the operation was successful, now we will have two months Vlad luck again in Odessa to the doctor looked at him. I want to sincerely thank all those who sacrificed for the treatment of Vlad, thank you to everyone who prayed for him, and thank God that He bless us all in such good works, and is ahead of us.

When we started working with Vlad, we thought that all this will not take so much time and not much money. The whole process lasted about two months. We are here in Donetsk do the following: Vlad drove to the consultation in Zaporozhye, do a full medical examination, were treated teeth (14 teeth total), was operated on the nose, collecting documents for his trip to Kaluga in Russia, there to do the operation. We have failed to take over the border into Russia because of the lack of documents that had to sign his father. With his father, they did not live 12 years and find it, we could not in such a short period of time. So we decided to have surgery at an eye clinic Filatov in Odessa. In this clinic, Vlad was from 4 to June 20. My son Anatoly drove Vlad, along with his mother in the hospital and stayed there for a week take off until it was decided to have surgery on one eye. At first his doctor there examined and discussed for a long time for him to do surgery or not. The fact that the disease was launched so that one eye is no longer possible to recover, and agreed to the second eye operated on 13 June, with great apprehension. Yesterday we took with Anatoly Vlad with his mother back home. When I talked to the doctor, he said that the operation was successful! Only now, all I can tell you this news. I ask all to pray for Vlad, his brother and mother. We returned yesterday late at night near their home prayed and thanked God that He has helped us to make such a big deal, and combines this many people. Continue to pray for this family, which lives in a very small and poor village of Ukraine, about thirty kilometers from Donetsk. In this village home to many poor families and broken by sin. May God bless you for your participation. Anatolij Berestovoj.