Camp Update

I greet you in the name of the LORD  We are all doing well, "Thank God."

Last month is very stressful. Every day except Sunday we are working on the reconstruction of the camp, which we bought. A lot of work. We plan to renovate the cold roof over the dining room and over the bath, make a canopy over the well, in some places it is necessary to put the new brick walls, and we need to change all the windows and doors.

Every day people come to work from different churches. A lot of work and it is near the winter, so we are in a hurry. In addition to spending ministries. Now we are often invited to different churches in our region, but our work with children is in the first place.

Thank you very much for the work in the "rear."

Yesterday in the daughter church (Zavitnee) was a celebration of the harvest, there were many people. For the church to make contact with the church Okapilko where previously was Bob's, they want to have the correspondence.

I'm sending you some actual photos. Stay with God. Pray for us. Transfer Hello, news, and our prayer requests, we need prayer support. We love and miss you.

Anatolij Berestovoj.