Urgent Update

February 13, 2015

To all Friends and Supporters of The Ark Singers and their mission.

If you have been keeping up with the news about the fighting in Eastern Ukraine you are aware that even while peace talks are going on there is "fierce fighting".   Many continue to be killed and injured.  The brothers in Ark and their families are safe at this moment, but they have sustained great losses and are no longer in  Donetsk. Sergej was the last to leave Donetsk and is with his family. As far as we know now most of the families are together and are west of Donetsk. Anatolij and his daughter as well as Alex from Ark Singers and Alex from Jelannoe Church have had their homes in Donetsk hit by rocket fire and destroyed.The men with their helpers plan to meet once a month to minister to the Orphans. They are aware for where those who are displaced are and they are able to reach them for ministry.  The ministry to refugees is ongoing. They reach all they can with food and warm clothes.

With this short update I want to encourage you to pray for these men and all who work with them who are living and working under fire. Please pray for real peace and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to penetrate hearts in Ukraine.

In addition to your prayers I ask that you will consider a gift to help with relief efforts in this time of war. As I write this request I am very much aware that many have given faithfully to support the orphans. Many have given to the relief effort already. I ask only if you are able and If your heart is moved to give that you send to the relief effort of  the Ark Singers and their mission.

Thank you for your concern and your continued support.

In Christ,
Ron Coward
Slavic Missionary Outreach

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