The exhibition of Christian art in the village Zavitne / Ukraine.

 April 16, 2012 in the village Zavitne members of the church "House of Gospel" had evangelism. On the occasion of Easter, the attention of the villagers were given an exhibition of paintings (20 paintings) on the life of Jesus Christ. The villagers were very pleased with this event. They were particularly interested in listening to stories about each picture. Some asked questions, others just listened, there were those who wanted to argue. But we "sow" to all and God in the hearts of the elect forth the words that were spoken. In addition to residents of the village and visited the exhibition of paintings by children - orphans from the orphanage, which is located nearby. The children listened attentively to every story of the life of Jesus Christ. Children was 140. Adults 40. We pray to change God's Word that was sown in the hearts of people who have grown and smuggled fruit, pleasing to the Lord. The village is located Zavitnee daughter church of the church "House of the Gospel." Please join us in prayer on the growth of the church.

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"... Truly I say to you, as ye have done it for one of these my brethren, you did it for me. "

These words are familiar to every convinced Christian person, about who Apostle John wrote once: "He who believeth in Me hath everlasting life." These words are incomprehensible to the people untouched by the light of the Gospel teaching. The reality of nowadays says that people who do not understand these words are much more numerous than those who understand Christ's words and try to follow them in their lives. They do it for Christ and because of Christ.

Most unchristian people looking at Christians can not understand what motivates them when they share the last things they have with the poor and needy people.People who get help, at the beginning could not understand why someone thought of them, why would anyone donate to them? The answer is simple - God loves them and expects reciprocity from them.

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Special Need at Novozhelannoe Orphanage



As many of you know we have been working with the children and staff at Novozhelannoe Orphanage for a long time.  Every Wednesday a group of workers from House of Gospel Church in Donetsk' go to the orphanage to hold Bible lessons.  In the orphanage school most of the children are from dysfunctional families.  The children are always eagerly waiting for their christian mentors to come each week.

Not long ago one of our brothers, Andrew, noticed that one of the boys who loves to draw and paint was always very much bent over his work.  The boy, Vlad, was discovered to have much difficulty seeing.  Andrew and his wife decided to have Vlad's eyes tested and buy him glasses.  Andrew's wife is a nurse in an eye clinic in Donetsk'.  Vlad was taken to the eye clinic and all test revealed that glasses would not help him.  He has no vision in one eye and only 40% vision in the other eye. At a distance of 9 feet he has no functional vision.  The doctor said he needs an operation on both eyes in order to see.  Each eye surgery will cost $1,000.00 and expenses for travel and accommodation at the hospital will be another $1,000.00.  A total of about $3,000.00 will be needed for the treatment and care.

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December 2010

Hello all our dear friends,

You’re so far from us but you’re always in our hearts and our frequent recollections about you are always pleasant.

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July 2010

Family Day

The government of Donezk has been taking special care of families with many children and those who have been married for 30 years and even more for the last several years. Those families are mostly Christian. This year on the 16th of May The Family Day was held in the center of Donezk.  For this day a big stage was built in the central park of Donezk, a lot of advertising was made, many families were invited for congratulation and sharing experience of family life.  Donezk authorities held the holiday but many Christian groups were invited to take a part also. ARK SINGERS were also among them. Many pastors and representatives of religion took the floor, congratulated families with many children and “honored” families, gave them presents, told them wishes from the Bible.

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