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This year has been a great year for SMO despite the terrible events in the Ukraine. The ARK Singers had a wonderful tour at the beginning of 2022.  Although it was cut short due to the beginning of the war, God blessed the ministry in a tremendous way. Generosity abounded from God’s people and God’s protection allowed the group to return safely to Europe and reunite with their families. 

Paul, Alex and Sergei remain in Germany and continue to work for God’s glory. Ghenna and Roman joined with Krill Berestovy and are continuing to minister to the Ukrainian people. They are providing humanitarian aid and still work with the children who remain in the country. If they cannot locate a sponsored child, they use the aid to help others who so desperately need it. 

Ghenna is able to come to Germany and receive the funds that SMO is able to send. He can then return to the Ukraine to meet the needs of the people. Even a war cannot stop God’s word from being proclaimed and his work from being done! The men have been able to deliver food, Christmas gifts, and help with evacuations of some Ukrainians. 

During 2022, SMO was able to send $300,000.00 to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. This could not have been possible without God, our friends, and sponsors. Words are inadequate to express SMO’s gratitude for you all. 

We covet your prayers and support in 2023 for our ministry. The future is uncertain, but we know who holds the future. God has always provided a way for SMO and we fully trust Him for our future.


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Thank-you for your prayers for the people of Ukraine and our friends the ARK Singers.   God has protected the ARK Singers and their families. They are all safe.  

Your generosity has been unprecedented.  SMO has been able to concentrate our efforts on providing humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people as well as continuing our ministry to the children. When the men left the US at the end of February they flew to Germany. The majority of the group and their families remain in Germany. Ghena and Roman are in the Ukraine with a network of workers ministering to their people. They have been able to evacuate many Ukrainians and have provided supplies to many as well. Of course, they continue to minister to the spiritual needs as well.

We are able to continue to get the support into Germany and then to Ghena and his team. Please continue to pray for their country and the dire situation they have to endure.  

God’s Blessings




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Dear Christian Friends,

Today SMO heard from our partners, Hope of East Ukraine, in Germany of the devastation Ukraine is facing. This is an urgent plea for help. The following is an excerpt from the email update we received:

We are trying to help people through different projects: 

Our employees give people something to eat, some have not eaten for 3 days already.  Some grocery stores open only one hour a day.

How do we do it? 

-     We buy, thanks to the good relations in the wholesale/warehouse remaining stocks and distribute to the people. 

-     We have our own small bread factory that bakes 1,700 loaves of bread daily, which are then distributed to hungry people by our staff. We don't know how much longer we can do this. We are trying to buy leftover flour stocks from large bread factories that have closed. 

- We are working to deliver relief goods clothing, food, and medical aid to Ukraine with large trucks.  

Millions of people are on the run. Many are fleeing to western Ukraine and then to the European Union.  But there are so many people that it is almost impossible to cope. Mothers with children often walk these 30 km with their children and wait at the border up to 3 days in the cold. We try to give these people something to eat. Of course, the tents that have been set up are not enough. The situation is very dramatic.

 Our employees are also affected. Our goal is first of all to help our employees and bring them to safety. We are working to bring their families to Germany. The first families have arrived. Alex Marchenko’s family is in Germany. Paul Velgus’ family is now in Hungary and is on their way to Germany. Gena Archypov is trying to get his family to the border. We are working to bring Roman Pivoschenko's children to Germany as well. Other families of our employees are also on the way. It is all very difficult to put into words to describe the suffering. 

Our staff works almost around the clock, with little sleep. Paul, Alexander and Sergjy have stayed in Germany and help us in the humanitarian aid area. Gena, Roman and many other 60 employees, with hundreds of volunteers are trying to rescue and help people.

 Please help us so that we can help people.  The expenses for help are very high and we need many donations.  This is the hour for Christian faith to be tangible and experienced. People are fleeing death and hunger.... Who if not we, Christians, should help?


If you would like to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, please send donations to:

SMO    255 Beulah Church Rd Quitman, GA 31643

Zelle – Slavic Missionary Outreach - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank-you for your prayers and your generosity, 

Phil and June Furney            David Paulk                  Charlotte Collins


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