Before 1000th Anniversary of Russian Baptism in 1988, our ministry was mainly demanded at Christian weddings, at large cities youth services, which took place in November the 7th , March the 8th , May the 1st,  and at the local church services on Harvest, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. In 1989, we sang for the first time outside the church in the Palace of Culture. (TG Shevchenko Palace of Culture in Donetsk). For the first time the majority of our audience were unbelievers. From that time, most of the Sundays we sang in different churches, cities and towns, sang in prisons and schools, in the recreation centers, in stadiums, in parks and in central public squares.

All these ministries needed evangelical songs. Since 1992, we have worked closely with the “Revival” mission, headed by Victor Gamm, the Biblical Mission, and some others. Today we are employees of the mission Hoffnungstraeger-Ost in Germany and Slavic Missionary Outreach, which works with us in the US.

The goal of our group as a musical group is to preach the Gospel through songs and praise the name of the One God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the group, we are more aware today than yesterday of the transience of time and the need to updating the staff of the team. It is not easy to find a talented musician, a good singer dedicated to God, whose family has blessed and inspired him to this service. Ministry in this group is not easy, because our families are left without us for 4-6 months a year.

Pray for this need, pray for brothers who could continue this ministry and be a blessing for the churches and messengers of the Gospel through the songs.