What Has Been Done in 2020

Dear friends, we would like to share with you the information about our team’s ministry our mission over the past 2020, so that you would continue to pray for this.

For 7 years of war, people on the front line have lost faith in everything, but still continue to ask for a peaceful sky and bread. Many people began to think about the existence of God, about eternity. In search of consolation and help, more people began to attend churches. New opportunities opened up for us to serve people in the East of Ukraine. 

The “Two Breads” project is daily bread and spiritual bread for those living on the front line. In addition to bread and food, last year we were able to purchase and distribute to families in need 12 tons or 24 thousand pounds of potato, and 26 tons or 52 thousand pounds of coal.

Hot meals for those in need and for the homeless. 5 points in 5 cities: Kurakhovka, Gornyak, Galizinovka, Bakhmut, Avdeevka.

Street evangelism in frontline villages. Our mission supports churches in the zone of military conflict. Seven of them are urban: Bakhmut, Donetsk, Avdeevka, Gornyak, Kurakhovka, Pokrovsk, Maryinka; 5 of them are rural ones: Zavitnee, Zhelannoye, Galizinovka, Tonenkoe, Umanskoe. Three of them are new churches in Pokrovsk, Umanskoe, Tonenkoe, consisting of converts and refugees from the occupied territories.

Every winter our mission holds Christmas meetings for children and parents. Last winter 7 such meetings were held.

In addition to these ministries, there are two main ones, to which more time and resources are devoted. From spring to the end of summer in our Spiritual Center “Hope” children’s and youth camps we and team of other missioners hold 4 to 8 camps per season. They are attended by 500 to 1000 people.

A camp in a zone of military conflict is a good opportunity for children to escape from the gray everyday life, gain physical strength, learn more about God, and get to know the believers better.

The largest and most important project of our mission is monthly assistance for children in boarding schools (130 people) and assistance to children living in needy and low-income families (686 people). Through these projects, the family hopes that they will have something to eat every month. In addition to food, the Gospel is brought to the family, the message of real hope, that they are not abandoned, that there is a God who loves them very much. Many begin to come to church, to Bible study groups, children begin to attend Sunday School.

Thank to your participation and support of these projects, the statistics of hunger deaths in the zone of military conflict in eastern Ukraine have been reduced.

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