Christmas is a Holiday of Love!

The winter was very frosty and snowy this year. Our transport often stopped and could not go further. In some villages, the road was swept by snow, and we had to dig out our way.

Despite the bad weather, all the halls were full of children. We could give out about 3,000 Christmas gifts these days. From January 5 to the 15th, ten cities and villages could hear the story of Christmas, the story of God’s love for people. After each performance, we had time to visit several poor or large families. We could get to know them better, pray for them, and bless them with food and coal. In one such family, there was nothing left to heat the stove and house with, and they had no money to buy it. Therefore, when we came to them the tears of joy were in their eyes and in ours. God directed us to the places where a big need was.

When the child opened the gift – it was lots of positive emotions and joy, many things that were in the gift the family could not afford to buy, and some things they have never seen before.

Christmas is a holiday of love; we carried this message to parents and children. We believe that people through the presentation, the songs, gifts, and fellowship could see and understand the meaning of Christmas, God’s love for all people. After such meetings, many parents and children began to come to church. They all need your prayers!

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