Probably, this year turned out to be one of the most eventful despite of the situation around: hostilities, quarantine. Meetings on preparation for the camps began in May. This year, there were much more children wishing to go to the children’s camp than usual. Most places were booked several months before the start of the camp. There were so many people willing to go that we were not able to book all of them. It was decided to hold more camps. We tried to organize everything for as many children as possible, so they could relax, have a good time together, learn something and, the most important, hear about Christ.

In total, this year, 9 full-time camps (on the territory of our Christian center) and 5 day-time camps (in the villages that are on the line of military conflict) were hold. It was a good time because EVERYONE heard about Jesus. A special camp was organized specially for teenagers and youth, where sports, team games, quests, various master classes, evening gatherings around the fire intersected with the serious talking about the sins that we see only in others, but do not want to notice in ourselves. We talked about how to deal with such sins and how to overcome them.

Very often in such camps the foundations of faith in God is laid for children and youth. However, the result was visible very soon. We began to receive news from different churches about children and youth confessing repentance and their faith in Jesus Christ. As the children themselves testified later, the time spent in the camp helped them to take this step. But we believe that even if we didn’t see that result, it was all worth doing, even for the sake of one saved soul. We are firmly convinced that not a single word about God heard in the camp will pass in vain but sooner or later it will touch the hearts and give fruits.

Thank you for supporting us financially and prayerfully. Because of your help, these camps became possible. Many children from poor families and from military zone could visit the camps. Therefore, your role in this matter is very important. We would like to ask you to continue to pray for us, for our families, for missionaries who make the camps possible in Ukraine in our Christian center, and for further activities of our mission.