Mobile Homes for Refugees

With the beginning of active hostilities in our region, many of the children of our project, as well as almost all church members and visitors of our churches, were evacuated by us to the western regions of Ukraine. For the tenth month, our team that is “The Ark Singers” group and other employees, volunteers of the mission have been working with refugees living in the city of Khmelnitsky. On the basis of the Grace Baptist Church we hold meetings for adults and children. Today 28 people live permanently in the church. Basically, these are families who lost their homes due to a bomb or shell hit. Among the refugees, there are the first fruits of repentance and baptism.

In the summer of 2022, we got an idea –  “mobile homes for migrants”. For many migrants it is not possible to rent a housing due to the high price. We have been praying for this idea.

Today we have purchased 30 acres of land with all the necessary communications for the installation of such homes. The cost of one such home with re-equipment, connection of communications, installation of furniture, household appliances, heating, and other things, is about $5,000. Now we have installed four such homes. Three homes have rooms with a kitchen and one home has a shower and two toilets that can be used by all residents of these homes.

In the spring, we plan to build a few more of such homes. We have a great desire to give people the opportunity to have their own housing for a long time without paying rent.

Now these homes have begun to be lived in. The first family that moved in is migrants from the Donetsk region, parents and five children, the youngest was born in early January, 2023.

You can also join us and be a part of this project by helping to purchase such homes for the people! May our God of Mercy and all blessings reward everyone who is not indifferent! May His Holy Name be consecrate through all deeds of our mission!

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