The church is being built!

The Pokrovsk town is an hour drive from the war zone. Here gunshots and the fall of shells are no longer heard! The population of the town is about 80,000 people: during the war years, the population has increased due to refugees from Donetsk. So, the need and necessity for opening of a new church appeared.  

At first, it was a place with a small group of people where refugees could receive grocery help, as well as spiritual support. Over time, the number of visitors increased from 20 to 70 people, and new people constantly come. Therefore, there was a need for their own building. God blessed us by the purchase of an old house in the city center.

In early June, the foundation was laid for the construction of the building where the Sunday school will be held and where there will be a dining room. Services are temporarily held in a large tent! There are big plans for the construction, we see that the Lord leads and blesses in this.

Would you please support this with your prayers!

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