UPDATE – JUNE 23, 2022

Thank-you for your prayers for the people of Ukraine and our friends the ARK Singers.   God has protected the ARK Singers and their families. They are all safe.  

Your generosity has been unprecedented.  SMO has been able to concentrate our efforts on providing humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people as well as continuing our ministry to the children. When the men left the US at the end of February they flew to Germany. The majority of the group and their families remain in Germany. Ghena and Roman are in the Ukraine with a network of workers ministering to their people. They have been able to evacuate many Ukrainians and have provided supplies to many as well. Of course, they continue to minister to the spiritual needs as well.

We are able to continue to get the support into Germany and then to Ghena and his team. Please continue to pray for their country and the dire situation they have to endure.  

God’s Blessings


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