Update January 2023

This year has been a great year for SMO despite the terrible events in the Ukraine. The ARK Singers had a wonderful tour at the beginning of 2022. Although it was cut short due to the beginning of the war, God blessed the ministry in a tremendous way. Generosity abounded from God’s people and God’s protection allowed the group to return safely to Europe and reunite with their families.

Paul, Alex and Sergei remain in Germany and continue to work for God’s glory. Ghenna and Roman joined with Krill Berestovy and are continuing to minister to the Ukrainian people. They are providing humanitarian aid and still work with the children who remain in the country. If they cannot locate a sponsored child, they use the aid to help others who so desperately need it.

Ghenna is able to come to Germany and receive the funds that SMO is able to send. He can then return to the Ukraine to meet the needs of the people. Even a war cannot stop God’s word from being proclaimed and his work from being done! The men have been able to deliver food, Christmas gifts, and help with evacuations of some Ukrainians.

During 2022, SMO was able to send $300,000.00 to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. This could not have been possible without God, our friends, and sponsors. Words are inadequate to express SMO’s gratitude for you all.

We covet your prayers and support in 2023 for our ministry. The future is uncertain, but we know who holds the future. God has always provided a way for SMO and we fully trust Him for our future.

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