Ministry of The ARK Singers Group during the war

Our ministry has changed since the start of the war. The news about the shelling in Ukraine caught us on a trip to America. We immediately decided to return home. Being in Poland we realized that not everyone would come to Ukraine. Part of the group remained in Germany, and part of the group came back to Ukraine. The Lord expanded our ministry this way. Those who were in Ukraine were actively engaged in the evacuation of people, those who were in Germany helped with the arrangement and movement further of the evacuated people. They also searched for humanitarian aid in Germany and delivered it to Ukraine.

As a musical group, we could not perform fully with all of us together. With the outbreak of the war, we had to abandon plans to record a new album, which was 50% ready. We had to put our microphones and musical instruments in cases. All our time was occupied by the delivery of humanitarian aid, bread, and water to places where was a need in this. We helped to evacuate people. Today it is both assistance with partial accommodation and help in humanitarian center for refugees. We also continue the “children’s project” – assistance to families with children who have remained in Ukraine.

Click the link to watch a short presentation about our ministry during the warЖ

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