The story of one minibus, that is not over!

The bus I am going to tell about, the Mercedes-Benz 210D, was given us in 1994, and we immediately began to call it simply “210”. At that time, “210” for us was like a gift from Heaven. Without exaggeration, the minibus can be called a full-fledged member of The Ark Singers team.

From the first days, when transport appeared, it began to serve people. These were the delivery of various assistance, participation in children’s camps, missionary trips, evangelism and much more where transport was needed.

Missionary trips are the separate story about which a whole book could be written. If we talk about geography, we traveled using “210” to many countries and cities. Twice we visited the country of Kazakhstan. We have been to Russia many times, in such distant cities as Orenburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Omsk, Novosibirsk. We traveled all over Belarus and Moldova. More than ten times we were in Germany and Switzerland. And, of course, all over Ukraine. Today the speedometer has more than 800,000 km on it.

Of course, the bus is old, rusty in places. For us, it was also a home, a place to sleep, a place of fervent prayers, a place where new songs were born. Since 2014, “210” has visited many dangerous places, got under fire.

With the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, “210” served on the front line: evacuating people, delivering food aid. In the middle of 2022, we decided to transfer the bus to a permanent service in one of the “hot spots”, a small church in Kurakhovka. There are problems with drinking water in the village, and the brothers have to deliver it under shelling. This service is very valuable, because many people do not have the opportunity to get drinking water.

We rejoice in this and pray that “210” will serve for a long time and be useful for people.

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