“Believing for Living”

“Believing for Living” was the slogan of the camp for children of 8 to 14 year-old who live in a zone close to military actions. This slogan sounded throughout the week from July 1 to 6.

More than 80 children came from such settlements as Pokrovsk, Mirnograd, Avdeevka, Zavitne, Ukrainsk, Galitsynovka, Donetsk, Netaylovo, Krasnogorovka to be in the Christian children camp held by the “Hope” Christian Center. There were 11 groups in the camp, and during the all-camp games, groups were combined into 4 large teams (prides): Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, and Pumas. Such names only encouraged and united children on the way to victory! Every day a new game, a new victory! Throughout all time, the theme of faith in God was the red thread of the day. Every day, on Bible lesson children could learn what it means to believe and how to believe, how faith in God helps us to live in spite of all the difficulties that surround us. The entire camp program was made to explain children that believing in God helps us not only to survive but also to live a life full of colors!

On the last day of the camp, 20 children turned to God with a prayer of repentance.

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