“Harmony of Soul” – a Camp for Widows and Orphans

For short seven days, “Harmony of Soul” camp moved from Western Ukraine to the East, to our Christian center “Hope”. Our God is the father of orphans and judge of widows (Psalm 67: 6). So the camp was organized for widows, single mothers and their children living close to the line of military actions.

In this camp, we could serve together with a large team of volunteers from Donbass, Volin and America. A busy and interesting program was prepared separately for children and moms. There was all sorts of master classes for women: how to decorate the home life, how properly take care of a face’s skin, how to take care of hair and nails. Throughout all the camp days, moms could use the services of a hairdresser, a manicurist, check blood for sugar levels. In their everyday life, mothers do not have time for such things. For children were organized various games, quests, creative circles, swimming in the pool. Five meals a day, fresh, forest air, silence – made to a good rest. But the main purpose of the camp was to introduce the Bible truths, to show the love of God, to give hope, to help get answers to the questions that do not give rest. “The Ark Singers” musical group and pastors Alexey Melnichuk, Pavel Minaev, Fedor Bespalov, Vasily Povoroznyuk successfully helped with this part. Four women turned to God with a prayer of repentance during the camp. These women got even different expressions (more light and open) on faces after their repentance. We pray that the Lord will strengthen their faith.

On the last day of the camp, “The Ark Singers” group conducted a small outreach service in Galitsynivka village near the CGC “Hope” after which one woman, with tears, begged God’s forgiveness. For the sake of these four, it was already worthwhile to conduct this camp. Special thanks to the Second Slavic Baptist Church of Sacramento for this project and for financial assistance. We also thank the church of Malivo village, and all the volunteers! Together, the work of God is being done more forcefully and effectively. Together we can do a lot!

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