Music Camp

This year the Music Camp was held in our Christian Spiritual Center “Hope” for the first time! We have dreamed about it and prayed for a long time, and so this day has come. In early August.

Together with the Ukrainian “Music in World Cultures” mission we held a Music Camp. There were more than 100 children from villages and towns located in the zone of military conflict. Over a week, children underwent express training in such instruments as violin, guitar, and choir. For the first time, many children held a musical instrument in their hands, especially a violin. There were some children who had never even seen the violin, and here they could see and learn a simple play. At the choir, children learned how to sing and breathe while singing.

At the end of the camp, there was a final concert where all the children in the ensemble were able to show what they learned. Our goal was to introduce children the music, the instruments, and to show that to study and play musical instruments is fun and not difficult! So, everyone can learn this.

In addition to the musical part, there were games and biblical lessons about the Almighty God, about how wonderfully He created this world and us!

We hope that this first camp was not the last, but only the beginning of a series of Music Camps!

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