Trip to the Ukranian Villages

The East of Ukraine. Line of military actions. People here stopped to dream a long time ago. To dream of a peaceful life, of good, stable work, to dream of a family vacation at the seaside in a native country, or anything else. Many lost hope for tomorrow. People are happy to have what they have: simple clothes and simple food. Water, light, and gas are the things that not all and not always have. People agree to live in such conditions wishing to hear and see no shoots and wishing for the end of the war.

Our desire is to bring physical and spiritual help to this area. Physical help is in the form of bread, food, water, and medicine. Spiritual is through the Word of God, through Christian songs.

At the end of April, our group planned a week-long trip to front-line villages, where people are in great need, and where rarely someone goes. We visited the cities where grief, troubles, ruins, and needs, seem to have settled for a long time.

We visited six villages located 2-3 km from the line of military operations. Unfortunately, “fame” in these places came through the woes of the war. In each such place, we held a service or a concert. We talked with local people, sang together, and prayed together. Everyone was able to get bread and a large package of food.

War, misery, and poverty made many hearts open to the Word of God. Many began to read the Gospel and pray. We thank everyone who is with us in the ministry, all who pray for Ukraine. Through the help and preaching hope for tomorrow for many has become a reality!


 It is a big city. In peacetime, there were many factories. Now there is almost no work in the city. Many buildings are destructed by the shells. People who had an opportunity left the city. The biggest problem now is pure drinking water. You need to buy it. In the church, you can take it for free, but, unfortunately, in a limited amount. First time people came to church only for water and food, but then they started to listen to the Word of God.


Almost no one comes with help to this village. The village gets smaller and smaller. Of the 300 residents, only 40 live in the village now. There are no children, there are no young people, only retired people and those who have nowhere to go. People accepted us as relatives. During the singing, many cried. Maybe God touched their heart through the songs, or maybe it was the Word of God, or because of joy that they were not forgotten and were brought various kinds of help.  But we think that it was all together.


We never thought that we would stand and sing songs on the highway, which was the busiest one at peacetime. Today cars rarely pass this place and only military ones. Since our last time here, almost nothing has changed. The only good change was electricity and a small shop with food. There are about 100 people in the village. Mostly old people and disabled people.


People here continue to live in fear, as the village is in the zone of reach of shells. Constant attacks, and rumors of military attacks do not give peace to people’s hearts. There are not many residents left at this place, and they are mostly old people. Here we had few but most attentive listeners.


Historically, this village was supposed not to exist; it was planned to relocate. But up to the present time, the village exists, and about 40 people live there. They are very open to the Word of God. We held a service in a room that was a school, a library, a medical center, and a club. Now people are praying and saying the Word of God there.


Once there was only one thin street. Over time, the streets became larger with a population of 500 people, but now only 174 people live here. During the war, many left their homes. Christians bought one of these houses, and now there is a church in Tonenkoye! Except for Krasnogorovka, this is the only place where the church is for people from several villages that are situated nearby. And people go to church, despite the fact that they need to walk about 5 km. The church building is small, the services are held twice a week. Sometimes the hall does not accommodate all comers.

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