A Feeding Station in Avdiivka

“Blessed is he that considereth the poor, the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble” Ps 40: 2

Since December, five days a week, a feeding station has been working for people in difficult life circumstances. It was organized based on a local church of Avdiivka. Different people come to this station: homeless, old people, unemployed. Someone of them lost their homes, someone lost his family or had health problems or addiction. Among them are former teachers, people who visited the church in the past but felt that they cannot find the strength to rise. Their life stories are bitter and dismal.

About 30 people every day can eat hot food at the station. For some of them this is the only food of the day.

We do not know all reasons why people are in this situation, but if we can help them a little bit by feeding them a cup of hot porridge and tea – we do it, and thank everyone who participates financially in this.

Well, when you do good deeds not alone, then much can be done.


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