Hot Lunches

Once Christ said that people in need would always be by us. No matter how rich the country is, there are always hungry and poor people on the streets. Especially in places where there is a military conflict, and is no work, and food is rather expensive. “Hot Lunches” is a project that the Lord gave us at a hard time for the residents of eastern Ukraine, where the military conflict is still taking place.

We work on this project in five villages in the Donetsk region: Kurahivka, Gornyak, Bakhmut, Mariupol, and Avdeevka. Lunches are prepared at the church where anyone can come to eat and receive some other help. Church members from Gornyak feed children who come to the Sunday school. In Avdeevka, meals are taken to the homes of old and disabled people who rarely or never go out.

For better quality of cooking, new professional saucepans of different sizes were purchased. Christians from Kurakhivka prepared canned vegetables and salads for cooking in winter.

Thank you for your prayers and donations for the “Hot Lunches” project. With each plate of hot soup, the hearts of people become warmer and ready to receive the Word of God.

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