New visits to the war zone

Four months have passed since our last trip to villages located in the military zone. At the end of September, we had the opportunity to visit this area again.

We visited six towns and villages: Novobahmutovka, Ocheretino, Gornyak, Kamenka, Ukrainsk, and Tonenkoye. All these places are united by common pain and wounds brought by the war. Broken houses, empty apartments, lack of shops and pharmacies, lack of pure water, lack of work, minimal supplies of life, depression – this is a real picture of people’s lives in these settlements. Many have lost hope and the meaning of life.

When we bring bread and potatoes, people rejoice as if they got something expensive. They really appreciate and value every piece of bread.

The hardships make people sensitive and open to the Gospel. In most of these settlements, new churches have been opened. They are very small, and they need prayers and ministers.

We thank the Lord that He helped us to create a small celebration for these cities, so that we could once again tell people about God’s love and salvation!

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