Our Five Week Stay in the USA Has Come to the End

Every time we are convinced of the efficacy of words, that the Church is one body, and we are all members of it. God’s love, mercy, faith makes us dear and close to each other. On this trip, we made a lot of new friends and “patrons” for 134 children living in the military conflict zone in the Donbass. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for supporting our projects. We would like to remind you that thanks to your participation in the “Help for Children” project, we together achieve three goals:
  1. Daily bread. We want every family to be free from hunger.
  2. Spiritual bread. We want every family to hear the gospel. I heard about God’s love and salvation.
  3. Prayers. We want every poor family to have someone to pray for them.
We achieve all this with God’s help and your participation. With prayer for each of you, the Ark Singers group.

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