Olga Avetisova

Mobile Homes for Refugees

With the beginning of active hostilities in our region, many of the children of our project, as well as almost all church members and visitors of our churches, were evacuated by us to

Our Center for Assistance to Refugees

According to UN experts since the beginning of the war, more than 14 million Ukrainians have become refugees. About 6 million people left the country, 8 million became migrants throughout Ukraine. We as

Update January 2023

This year has been a great year for SMO despite the terrible events in the Ukraine. The ARK Singers had a wonderful tour at the beginning of 2022. Although it was cut short

UPDATE – JUNE 23, 2022

Thank-you for your prayers for the people of Ukraine and our friends the ARK Singers.   God has protected the ARK Singers and their families. They are all safe.   Your generosity has been unprecedented.

The Ark Singers and the War in Ukraine

Dear Christian Friends, Today SMO heard from our partners, Hope of East Ukraine, in Germany of the devastation Ukraine is facing. This is an urgent plea for help. The following is an excerpt

Summer Camps – 2021

Probably, this year turned out to be one of the most eventful despite of the situation around: hostilities, quarantine. Meetings on preparation for the camps began in May. This year, there were much

Winter Preparation

Cold weather has already come to Ukraine but many families cannot buy coal to spend the winter in a warm house. After returning from America, we bought and distributed 87 tons (191802 lb.)